Return of Investment (ROI)

Its easy to measure ROI when you’re selling a specific product ; subtract the cost of promotion from the gross income generated by the exercise, divide that number by the number of people contacted and hey presto – ROI per client !

So how do you measure the success of your marketing when your not selling a product ?

In the very simplest terms, you need to know how many people ‘opened’ what you sent and how many ‘clicked through’ to the content and/or articles you included……the higher those figures, the more likely your communication is of interest, the more likely the person is to (a) seek your future advice and (b) forward via social media to friends/family/colleagues with similar outlook.

Results from untargeted mail & communication campaigns are often measured in sub-1% terms. Targeting people who have elected to receive information from you yields results many times higher………FinancialRSS can help you achieve this easily.

People who elect to receive information from you (either as a direct response to your initial communication or by referral from an existing or historic client) are considered as ‘opted-in’ i.e. they want you to communicate with them and they’ve told you what they’re interested in.

It follows then that if you continue to send individuals articles of genuine interest which they are more likely to pay attention to and even refer to a wider audience that the likelihood of engaging more people as potential fee paying clients is greatly increased

LegalRSS, sister company to FinancialRSS, both of whom are subsidiaries of “Best Practice Online”, which has 15 year success story in the legal sector [click here for company structure and history] is powered by the same MIN platform & has been successfully engaged with the legal profession for 4 years; its averaged performance (ROI) in that sector is as follows :

LegalRSS – value of having an “opted-in” client-database

- OpenRate @59.7%

- ClickThroughRate @44.3%

All underpinned by comprehensive analytics programmes for maximum end-user value

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Financial RSS is designed to enable you to communicate what you want, to whom you want, when you want. Whether it’s sharing relevant information, providing specific advice or even promoting product, the exercise can be completed easily and quickly – it is, of course, essential to comply with FCA regulations when providing advice and/or promoting product.