No. E-news and mobile sites don’t need a website at all. You can implement the content management very easily (typically it requires less than an hour of your webmaster’s time) and when you change your website, MIN can be implemented on your new site really fast with no data loss.



The content management in the newsfeeds and mobile websites systems is fully integrated. Social networking is integrated through Bufferapp (you can link individually to social networking sites if you prefer) and the e-newsletter creation is also integrated. It makes for an incredibly fast system to use.


Newsletters – to create, select subscriber group, select and order content, add co-branding and send a newsletter takes less than ONE minute – easily.  The whole system uses a ‘set it up (fast) and forget it’ approach allowing you to get on with new initiatives rather than wasting time unnecessarily.


Easy. Content can be selected (by category) and added to newsletters in seconds. Select the subscriber group in a single click. Segmentation of your subscribers is automated. You can offer as many e-newsletters as you want. The integration with FusionExpress provides excellent management reporting so you can track the success of your e-newsletters.


As many as you like. The tiered system of rights will give you full control over the making content live. Everyone knows the state of play on every item they are involved with on their screen and they are emailed when the status of their items change – so you’ll be informed even if you aren’t logged in.  


You can have as many different mobile sites as you want and the presentation is completely under your control. The system allows these to be targeted, so the users will see only content they are interested in and they will work on any recent touchscreen device. Every mobile site has its own QR code and analytics and pages can be co-branded.


Co-branding allows you to put banners on your enewsletters, mobile site and web content. Each page of a mobile sites can be separately co-branded. This allows you to obtain sponsorship or to swap co-branding with other organisations of value to you. You can even act as the ‘e-news’, ‘content’ or ‘mobile’ host/distributor for other organisations in exchange for adding your branding or content to their offerings.


We are all swamped with data coming in. We ignore what doesn’t interest us. MyInfoNet allows email and mobile content and web content to be targeted, so that people can see only what is relevant to them and interests them. Targeting is a critical advantage of MyInfoNet, increasing pages delivered, time on site, mobile site adoption and e-newsletter open rates and reducing unsubscribes.


Learning how to use MIN to a very high degree of proficiency typically takes between 15 and 45 minutes. There is a comprehensive user manual, a series of ‘how to do it’ videos linked at the appropriate places in the control panel and a number of other support items.


The MIN Marketing manual explains the marketing features in full and how to extract the maximum benefit from the system. We’ll send you one as soon as you sign up. We don’t do it ourselves but we’re happy to recommend good marketing people to our clients who need them.